URF Tone is the Rebirth of Hip Hop’s Golden Era

The working relationship between The World Famous N.I.C and Ila dates back to 2008, when the former hosted the latter’s debut mixtape, Welcome to Fresh Coast, Vol. 1, (released in February, 2009). The seed for their collaboration was planted when Ila, then under the moniker, “ICON”, performed at a club hosted by Capital Gain: an event group whose leadership team included N.I.C. The two took notice of each other’s respective crafts, and a profound, mutual respect was almost instantly established. By 2010, the DJ and MC solidified their partnership, and we’re frequently seen on stages together throughout Southern California and Las Vegas, NV along with festival dates at SXSW (Austin, TX) and A3C (Atlanta, GA). 

Over the course of their endeavors, the pair formed a genuine bond largely rooted in their discussions celebrating hip hop, with a particularly deep affinity for its golden era. Those conversations evolved into mobilization, sparking the 2020 birth of URF Tone, where “URF” stands for United Republic of Funk. The name is a snapshot of the duo’s guiding principle, as unification-by-way-of-funky-rhythms describes their ultimate objective. They feel the current state of human society is plagued by divisiveness, cloaked in negativity, and far-too-often uplifts those who are least deserving.  Although flagrant actions may, at times, appear to yield the greatest platforms, URF Tone feels inclined to tap into the pure, simple elements of an art form they’ve seen connecting people from all walks of life. With their mission clearly defined, The World Famous N.I.C and Ila have developed a vacuum-like workshop where they produce, arrange, write and perform music according to their tenets; with little regard for industry standards or current trends.  

Their sound and style can be described as jazzy instrumentation laid over break breaks, along with tastefully incorporated vinyl cuts and contemporary displays of lyricism; an ensemble which evokes a feeling of nostalgic familiarity and refreshing newness.  More simply put, they make hip hop music intended to welcome all to URF.